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A poorly maintained grocery store floor; a stairwell with missing or broken handrails; even an office building with cracked or uneven walkways — these are just a few of the places that people commonly slip or trip, occasionally with catastrophic results.

At the law office of Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC, we understand that a slip, trip or fall accident can have unexpected and even catastrophic results. If a property owner’s negligence leads to time lost from work, significant medical expenses, long-term disability or even a wrongful death, then our trial lawyers can help you and your family get results.

Any slip-and-fall accident has the potential to be serious. For many people, a slip-and-fall accident is an annoyance at worst. The result may be little more than a bruise or scrape, but fall the wrong way or fall from a height, and the injury can be much more serious. If you have experienced significant injury or financial damages, you need to talk to an attorney.

When a Property Owner’s Negligence Leads to Injury

Any property owner, whether a business, retail company or homeowner, has certain safety standards he or she is expected to live up to. People who fail to live up to these standards can be held liable for slip-and-fall injuries associated with any negligence. In most cases, when you sue for damages in a slip-and-fall case, you are actually suing the property owner’s insurance company for the compensation owed.

We help you take on insurance providers to get the money you are owed for slip-and-fall cases involving:

Insurance companies profit by minimizing their payouts, so their first priority is to deny or reduce valid claims. By putting an experienced trial attorney on your side, you significantly increase your bargaining, negotiating and litigation power when dealing with companies that make their money by denying compensation to the injured.

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