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Testosterone Patch and Heart Risks for Men

Men who suffer from low energy and low sex drives often are suffering from low testosterone. This can be treated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) products. These products include injections, gels and patches. However, heart attack and strokes have recently been linked to the use of these TRT products. In fact, in January of 2014, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced a safety alert and is focusing on the potential risks of heart attack, stroke and even death in patients utilizing TRT products.

Have You Suffered a Heart Attack After Using a TRT Product?

If you or a loved one has used a testosterone patch acquired at your local pharmacy or has used another type of prescribed TRT product, you may be at risk of a heart attack, stroke or even death. If you have already suffered a serious health complication due to the use of a testosterone patch, it is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible about your legal options. Pharmaceutical companies and any other parties who negligently manufactured and/or provided the testosterone patch to you should be held liable for any damages suffered.

Since 1970, the knowledgeable product liability attorneys at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC, have been helping injured victims of defective products. This includes representing cases involving medical devices such as the testosterone patch and heart risks for men. Talk to one of our experienced lawyers today in a free consultation. You can contact us online or call 901-526-2126.

The Dangers of Using Testosterone Patches and Gels

The most common type of testosterone patch used by patients is by Androderm (manufactured by TheraTech Inc. and Actavis Inc.). The patch is transdermal and transfers doses of testosterone through the skin into the patient’s bloodstream. Other types of TRT products include topical gels (most commonly for the armpits or inner thighs), mucoadhesives, injections and even implanted pellets.

Although approved by the FDA, the use of such testosterone patches, gels and other TRT products have been linked to serious health complications. These health complications include heart attack, stroke and death. What is most concerning is that these risks are not even listed on the labels of some of these medical products.

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