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Tupelo Truck Accident Attorney

There are very few accidents happening on Mississippi highways quite like big truck accidents. No vehicle on the road is a physical match for a big-rig truck or the other varieties of commercial vehicles that companies use in their daily business routine. Not only can truck accidents cause significant injuries, including many fatalities, they can also be very complicated because multiple vehicle involvement is common. Settling a case often comes down to one driver’s word against another, along with input from the business entities responsible for operating the truck. Case facts can get even further complicated when a tractor-trailer is owned by the driver and leased on with the company, as both the driver and the company could be held liable for injuries. And of course, the insurance providers for all parties involved will also have legal teams working in an attempt to lessen the value of any claims possible. What this ultimately means is that all injured parties presenting claims will need an experienced and aggressive Tupelo truck accident attorney representing their case.

Investigating the Accident

Trucking companies always want to control an accident investigation from the very beginning. Even when only one accident victim is involved, trucking companies and their respondent insurance company will be quick to investigate the crash and look for any technicality available to lessen the value of a claim. Having an experienced and aggressive Tupelo truck accident attorney means you can have your own legal team evaluating the accident on your behalf and identifying as many negligent parties as possible, including potential defective automotive product manufacturers. Many truck accidents occur due to malfunctioning automotive equipment, and your attorney can conduct a separate investigation outside of the official state authorities to ensure the material case facts are accurate and applied according to law, which can matter greatly in a truck accident settlement.

Big Truck Accident Causes

There is a wide variety of truck accident causes beyond human negligence that include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Tire blowouts
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Shifted loads
  • Fatigued driving
  • Drunk driving

Many times this list includes policy requirements of the trucking company that skirt the rules and regulations of the road, which can often result in a gross negligence determination by a sympathetic jury when the plaintiff attorney can prove the defendant failed to provide a reasonable duty of care or acted intentionally toward the injury claimant. It is important to retain a comprehensive experienced attorney who will evaluate the accident from all aspects and identify all potential causes. Evidence of fault can be found anywhere, and contacting an attorney immediately before evidence evaporates can make a major difference in the claim value.

Multiple Negligent Parties

Big truck accidents are different from a typical two-car crash because most times both the “at fault” truck driver and the shipping company or other employer can be pursued for damages. All drivers are assessed for personal contribution in any accident, with truck accidents being no different, and many times the trucking company and their insurance providers will attempt to deflect fault for the wreck to the other parties, including the injured drivers. Truck accident attorneys understand when this is happening because they are professional negotiators just like insurance company claims adjusters, which means that whole damages could potentially be available for drivers with zero fault in an accident.

Wrongful Death

Big truck accidents also commonly result in fatalities, resulting in wrongful death legal claims. Proving a wrongful death claim requires the legal counsel for the plaintiff to prove the defendant acted with negligence in causing a crash resulting in the death. Not only can the estate of the decedent file a wrongful death claim, but some members of the family may also be in position to file loss of consortium claims as well. This is primarily limited to children and spouses for adult victims, but parents can also file wrongful death claims when the victim is one of their children. Wrongful death claims can be intense settlement negotiations when punitive damages could apply in court, and your attorney from GKBM Law Firm will understand how to use this in finalizing an equitable settlement.

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