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Verdicts & Settlements

When all is said and done, the fact of the matter is that settlements and verdicts cannot possibly replace the pain and suffering injured clients and their families must endure. However, compensation may help support an injured person for the rest of his or her life and or provide a family with the lost income they would have otherwise benefited from if the accident had not occurred.

Attached below are just a few examples of how we have helped our clients:

  • The firm represented a 62 year old who suffered an ankle fracture re requiring open reduction and internal fixation, fractured ribs, and post-traumatic subcutaneous emphysema in an accident with a tractor trailer at a traffic controlled intersection. Despite multiple adverse witnesses who placed fault for the accident on our client, we were nonetheless able to settle the case for $330,000 shortly before trial.
  • Our client sustained back and neck injuries when her vehicle left the highway after striking a vehicle involved in a prior accident. Suit was filed and after extensive discovery, the case was resolved before trial for $495,000.
  • After admittedly engaging in drinking activity for most of the day, our client was thrown from the bed of a friend’s moving pickup in which he was a passenger, sustaining facial lacerations and fractures. The case was settled for insurance policy limits of $105,000.
  • The firm represented a 35 year old man who was involved in a motor vehicle accident when the defendant driver made a left turn in front of him on a questionable yellow light. The client sustained muscle strains to his neck, back and a knee contusion and incurred medical bills totaling less than $3000. After rejecting the insurance company’s offer to settle his injury claim for $3758, a lawsuit was filed and tried before a jury, which returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $20,085.
  • An accident at a 4 way stop at a rural intersection resulted in the death of our 19 year old client. Although liability was hotly disputed and our client was not wearing a seat belt, the case was resolved for the defendant’s policy limits in excess of $1,000,000.
  • The firm represented a 36 year old passenger involved in an auto accident when her vehicle was struck on the side by the defendant driver who ran a stop sign. After being removed from the vehicle by the “jaws of life”, she underwent surgery for her crushed right elbow and multiple fractures to her forearm. The firm was able to significantly reduce her medical bills through negotiations, litigate her case and settle for $700,000.
  • After unsuccessfully attempting to settle his case with the insurance company on his own without an attorney, our firm was hired by a 41 year old sustained a non displaced fracture of his femur at the hip while riding his motorcycle. Suit was filed and settled at mediation for the sum of $225,000. The insurance company’s top offer to the client before he hired us was $50,000.
  • Our client suffered severe injuries, including complex comminuted fracture of the distal right tibia and ankle extending into the lateral displacement of the foot, when her vehicle collided with the rear axle of a tandem trailer unit which turned in front of her. Although she had an totally unobstructed view of the slow moving tractor trailer unit and was unable to offer any explanation for her failure to attempt to apply her brakes, we litigated and resolved her case at mediation for $1,000,000.
  • Our Firm represented a 52 year male, who was in the middle of a four car chain reaction auto accident. He suffered from extreme pain to his low back, neck, right shoulder, and was bruised all over. His vehicle was totaled out. He underwent extensive physical therapy, including occupational therapy. He also had two cervical epidural blocks. We were able to get the at fault party’s insurance company to pay all medicals, current and future earnings, as well as pain and suffering. We were able to resolve the case for $100,000.
  • The firm represented a 22 year old woman who was a passenger in a parked vehicle that was struck when a negligent driver lost control and left the roadway. The client sustained injuries to her chest and neck. She accumulated medical bills of $3,347. The firm was able to settle her claim for $75,000.
  • Our firm represented a 17 yr old female who was a passenger driven by an individual who negligently lost control and struck a tree. Our client sustained a severe head injury which required multiple surgeries as well as injuries to her neck and back. The client had medical bills in excess of $300,000, which we were able to get significantly reduced. Suit was filed and the case was subsequently settled for $865,000.
  • Client was delivering “meals on wheels” to the elderly when he was hit head on by dump truck. The defendant claimed that his engine blew up as he was driving down the highway and denied any responsibility for the accident. Both vehicles ignited and were burned beyond recognition. Utilizing state of the art accident reconstruction techniques, our expert was able to determine the cause of the accident and establish liability on the part of the defendant, enabling the case to be settled for policy limits of $1,000,000.
  • Client sustained fatal head injury while driving his pickup truck and was unable to avoid colliding with a tractor trailer going in the opposite direction which turned left in front of him. After extensive discovery, the case was mediated and settled for in excess of $4,500,000 shortly before trial.
  • The Firm represented a 51 year old female who was involved in a motorcycle accident while riding as a passenger. She suffered temporary loss of hearing in one ear, scaring in the temple area and neck, and partial loss of smell. The Firm was able to resolve her case for $700,000.00. The client incurred medical expense totaling approximately $150,000 and the firm was able to obtain a very substantial reduction of her medical bills.
  • Our client suffered severe injuries, including the loss of his leg, when the defendant’s trailer detached from a pickup truck and came across the center line and struck his vehicle head on. The at fault pickup truck was being driven by a driver who was specifically excluded from coverage under the owner’s insurance policy. After we filed suit on behalf of our client, the insurance company denied liability and filed a separate lawsuit to enforce the policy exclusion and deny any insurance coverage for our client’s injuries. Even though the defendant driver was specifically excluded, the court refused to enforce the exclusion and the case was settled for the defendant’s policy limits of $1,000,000.
  • The firm represented a 48 year old welder who was rear ended on I240 while in stop and go traffic. The property damage to the client’s truck was extremely light and barely visible, but the client’s head struck the back window out of his truck. Initially, thought injury to be soft tissue in nature but soon discovered by MRI client had a ruptured disk in his neck. Surgery was performed and client was assigned a 28% permanent anatomic rating. Medical bills exceeded $90.000.00. The case was fought by the defense every step of the way. Mediation was unsuccessful due to the liability carriers reluctance to accept full responsibility for the Plaintiff’s injuries. Trial was had in Shelby County Tennessee before a jury over three days. That Jury unanimously awarded the Plaintiff $385,000. Defendant tried to overturn the verdict by post trial motion which was denied. The firm sought and received post judgment interest, collecting the judgement of over $400,000 for our client.
  • Our firm represented a young couple in their early twenties who were seriously injured when a tractor trailer travelling in the turn lane swerved to avoid a car pulling from a private driveway through stopped traffic. The 18 wheeler hit the couple head on. The wife suffered a fractured pelvis and injuries to her leg. The husband suffered bruising and cuts on his arms. Neither of the defendants made an offer to settle the claims of the injured parties, each arguing that the other was at fault. A trial was had in Memphis Shelby County Tennessee before a jury of 12 who unanimously returned a verdict of $140,000 for the injured couple.
  • The firm represented a young man who was struck by a drunk driver who was speeding and swerving between vehicles. Defendant left 40 feet of skidmarks on the roadway before striking our client’s vehicle.. As a result of the impact, the client suffered a broken collar bone and four broken ribs. Surgery was performed on his collarbone and over $14,000 in medical bills were incurred. A lawsuit was filed but after intense negotiations a settlement of $80,000 was secured for the client.
  • The firm represented a 23 year old young lady who went to a popular fast food restaurant where she purchased an order of chicken. Approximately 8 hours after eating the chicken, she became violently ill. She sought medical treatment and was diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning. The fast food chain refused to consider settlement. Suit was filed and after medical depositions were taken to establish causation. The case was mediated and settled for $50,000 shortly before trial.
  • Our firm represented the family of a woman who died while a resident of a nursing home. The cause of death was disputed, due in part to a past history of suicidal ideation, and complicated medical history with numerous factors contributing to her death. We were able to establish a prima facie case of improper staffing and failure to offer appropriate training to nursing staff. Faced with the very significant probability that the defendant nursing home would seek protection from the Bankruptcy Court as it had done on numerous other cases, we were nonetheless able to successfully mediate and resolve the case at a medium to high six figure level.
  • Our firm represented a middle-aged man, who received perforation of the proximal ileum, resulting in permanent scarring, as a result of defendant running a red light. Our client sustained perforation of the proximal ileum, resulting in permanent scarring. His medical bills exceeded $50,000 and the firm was able to successfully settle the case for $250,000.
  • Our firm represented a 32 year old passenger who was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision when struck by the defendant who ran a stop sign. Our client sustained fractures to her femur and humerus, abrasions, and numerous bruises and contusions. After filing suit and engaging in extensive discovery, the firm was able to successfully settle the case for $750,000, after negotiating substantial reductions with all healthcare providers, substantially increasing the amount of the recovery paid to the client.
  • The firm represented two brothers who were in high school that were involved in a motor vehicle accident. The younger brother sustained a laceration to his forehead requiring sutures, the other brother sustained a frontal head brain contusion. Neither brother was wearing his seat belt. Fortunately, the two young men did not require extensive medical treatment and only followed up with medical treatment one time after going to the emergency room. The claims were successfully settled for a total amount of $100,000. The firm obtained substantial reductions in the emergency room/hospital bills, resulting in more money paid to the young men to compensate them for their injuries.
  • The firm represented an elderly man who was being transported by an ambulance when involved in a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle who failed to yield to the ambulance as required by state law. The client suffered multiple rib fractures, a collapsed lung, and multiple lacerations to his hands, back and head, but fully recovered after incurring medical bills in excess of $27,000. The case was settled at mediation for $750,000.
  • Our firm represented an individual who was a visitor at a nursing home who slipped and fell due to an unsafe and hazardous condition in the nursing home, injuring his foot and ankle. Although any knowledge of a dangerous condition was denied by the defendant, through extensive investigation and discovery we were able to establish that the defendant did, indeed, have notice of the unsafe condition. This enabled us to successfully resolve the case at mediation for $195,000.
  • In a disputed case of liability, our firm represented a 38 year old male who was operating a motorcycle when the defendant allegedly failed to yield to oncoming traffic and turned directly into the path of our client. Our client sustained severe injures to include a torn ACL and a right pelvic fracture. Because the defendant was had no assets and was “judgement proof” except for liability insurance proceeds, the case was settled for policy limits of $80,000.
  • The firm represented a 22 year old female college student who was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Mississippi. The young lady sustained a chest contusion and small herniated disc in her mid-back. The client received minimal medical treatment, no permanent injury and incurred medical bills totaling less than $3,400. We were able to successfully mediate and settle the case for $75,000.
  • In a tragic case involving improper signage and barriers in a construction zone on an interstate highway, our client was struck from behind and knocked into opposing traffic. Because she expired instantly, state law did not allow the jury to award any money as compensation for her pain and suffering, which typically accounts for the largest single element of damages in a vehicular accident case. Even faced with this state law obstacle, we were nonetheless able to obtain a settlement in excess of $1,000,000 for the benefit of the family.
  • Our firm represented the devastated families of a young couple who were prematurely taken from this world as the result of tire and vehicle design and manufacturing defects which abruptly ended their lives. The couple was on their way to obtain a marriage license when the vehicle in which they were passengers — without any warning — flipped and rolled uncontrollably, crushing the roof of the vehicle and killing the engaged couple. Lawsuits based on defective product liability and negligence were filed on behalf of each of the families. Each of the cases was settled. Each settled for an amount in excess of $5,000,000.
  • Our firm was contacted ten (10) months following a single vehicle rollover accident. The police attributed fault for the accident to our client. Her vehicle was a total loss and had been disposed of by her insurance company and sold for salvage over 6 months before she contacted our office. Our initial investigation began in Memphis and quickly moved to other states in an effort to locate the salvage vehicle or determine if it had already been shredded at a scrap yard. When we finally tracked the vehicle down, we found it in an out of state junk yard hundreds of miles from Memphis. Three of the four tires were missing and had been sold without record. However, the critical piece of evidence — the defective tire — was still inside what remained of the vehicle. With this evidence we were able to file suit and establish negligent/defective design of both the vehicle and tire. The case was settled for an amount in excess of $1,750,000.