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Wynne, the City With a Smile, is the county seat and largest city of Cross County, Arkansas. There were 8,367 residents reported by the 2010 Census, down slightly from 8,615 ten years earlier, the first decline in the city’s historical population. Situated in the Arkansas Delta natural region, the city is about 50 miles west from Memphis, Tennessee on the east or left bank of the Mississippi River.

When US Route 64 and the north-south State Highway 1 converged in Wynne in the 1930s, it became for several decades a busy crossroads as well as a railroad town. Since construction of the Interstate Highway System, Interstate Highways 40 and 55 out of Memphis have diverted away most long-distance travelers who formerly used US-64. The Technology Center for the Delta Building houses several business organizations and a modern, stylish 9,000-square foot exhibit hall. The Crossridge Community Hospital attends to major health care needs caused by occasional truck crashes on the interstate highways.

A crash in Wynne

While speeding toward Memphis on Interstate 40, an inattentive driver crashes into another car, totally destroying it and leaving the driver severely injured and barely alive. Paramedics respond and transport the casualty up State Highway 1 to Wynne for urgent medical attention at Crossridge. After the physician treats and stabilizes the medical condition, the driver will need a personal injury lawyer almost as urgently.

Unfortunately, highway accidents  are not uncommon, and the consequences are sometimes serious. The situation is extremely stressful, and the choice of a personal injury attorney to protect rights and interests is very important. The personal injury claimant should be sure to choose a Wynne car crash attorney who can prevail in such challenging cases. The attorney needs to understand the unique evidentiary issues to overcome in bearing the burden of proof to win judgments in favor of injured clients.

What Montesi Does for Clients

GKBM attorneys fight wholeheartedly to get clients settlements they deserve, so they must screen cases very carefully and take only those with strength on the facts or merits. Before taking a case, they have a conference with the claimant, assess the evidence to see whether they can help, and, if not, refer the claimant to alternate attorneys with more time for risky cases. There are too many truly worthy cases seeking Montesi legal services for them to squander attorney time and efforts.

GKBM handles a variety of cases including auto, truck and bike accidents as well as product liability, medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. Click here to see all of our practice areas.

If Montesi can help, they immediately get to work securing evidence, identifying, interviewing, and preparing factual and expert witnesses, and constructing the strongest case possible. They remain in constant contact with clients, respond promptly to all questions and requests, and fight for every penny of full and fair compensation to which clients are entitled. If they don’t win, clients pay nothing.

The Montesi goal is to achieve best results for clients so they can recover from their injuries and losses and restore their lives as well as humanly possible. Call (901) 526-2126 today for a free consultation.