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You finally have a free day to spend with your kids over their summer vacation. Instead of going to a movie or an arcade like normal, you want to think of something new and entertaining to do with them. You stop at the Visitor Information Center off Interstate 40 in Arlington. You want to come up with some new ideas and treat your kids to culturally enriching entertainment and help them learn something new. After deciding to head to the Rachel H.K. Burrow Museum, you start driving north on Airline Road. You hardly remember what happens next. All you feel is the force of impact from another car that has pushed for your vehicle off the road. The only thing you can think about is if your children are safe. Situations like this occur often in Tennessee and can change the lives of those affected forever.

The Importance of Hiring an Arlington Personal Injury Attorney

If your family has been involved in an accident, our lawyers here at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi law firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. We will closely examine your case to find out what the other driver is liable for.

Many innocent individuals wrongly believe that they will easily be able to get compensation from the responsible party when it is clear that they are not at fault. Sadly, this is very rarely the case. Car accidents are complicated. We have more than 40 years of experience working with victims of accidents. Our Arlington personal injury attorneys here at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi will get you the compensation you deserve.

Determining the Best Legal Strategy for Your Case

We have used a wide variety of legal strategies in order to help our clients seek compensation when they have been involved in an accident. Depending on the circumstances, we may recommend filing a lawsuit. If this is the best legal strategy for your case, we will fiercely fight for your rights. In other instances, we may recommend that you settle out of court. By means of arbitration and mediation, our Arlington personal injury attorneys will get you the compensation you deserve.

We have been working closely with clients in Tennessee since the 1970’s. Our well trained and experienced personal injury attorneys have what it takes to defend you. Our goal is to help you return to the life you knew before your accident. We know that victims of accidents are going through difficult times financially, emotionally, and physically. We will accurately calculate how much compensation you deserve for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. We will put together a team of medical professionals, investigators, and expert witnesses to ensure your case has all it needs to win.

You can feel confident turning to Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi after experiencing a devastating trucking or automobile accident. We will fight for you and make sure you are compensated for your injuries.

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