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Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys in Memphis

Fighting for Every Dollar You Are Owed

Companies that operate 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, and other big commercial vehicles move fast to protect their own interests following an accident. So do their insurance companies.

Truck Accident in Memphis

On the other hand, most victims of truck accidents do not know what to do after their accident and are left to play catch-up. By contacting an experienced personal injury law firm, you can help ensure your rights and best interests are strongly represented after an accident.

Determining Who Is Responsible for Your Losses

One of the most significant obstacles in resolving a truck accident case is that you may be unaware of who all the defendants or responsible parties are. However, identifying each person who is responsible for your injuries is an integral part of getting you the fair and full compensation you are owed. At Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC, we have been helping clients identify the parties liable for their losses and holding them accountable for their negligence since 1970.

The parties responsible for your accident may include the following, and more

We strive to locate defendants who are liable for your losses and help you recover the full compensation to which you are entitled. Also, we are aware of the statute of limitations that exists for these types of cases, and we work hard to ensure your claim is valid and submitted in time.

Doing Whatever It Takes to Defend You

Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi acts quickly to protect truck accident victims. Our Memphis truck accident attorneys are available 24/7 to clients, and we can even visit accident scenes in the middle of the night because we are committed to their success. When you hire us for representation, you can rest assured that you and your needs will always come first.

Why Accident Victims Need an Attorney

Truck accident victims, whether they are bicyclists, pedestrians, motorists, or anyone else, may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. What many people do not understand is that, in some cases, they can file a lawsuit against the truck driver even if they were partially responsible for the accident. Accident liability is an extremely nuanced and complicated area of law. Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi knows that no two cases are the same. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that victims of truck accidents do not attempt to seek compensation on their own.

The Resources & Experience Required to Prove Your Case

A truck accident can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including a simple safety violation, a defective truck part, poor truck maintenance, driver fatigue, drunk driving, recklessness, and more. Since evidence of fault could be anywhere — in electronic form on a truck’s black box, in the company’s maintenance records, in the driver’s log book, or at the scene —proving what occurred and why it occurred are things that should be left to legal professionals.

Once you retain our firm, you’ll be putting accident reconstruction specialists, investigators, and lawyers with decades of experience in this practice area to work for you.

The Money You Need & Deserve

The sheer difference in weight and size between the vehicles involved in the crash means that many victims of truck accidents do not survive. Of the survivors, many are left unable to care for themselves due to burns, paralysis, or brain damage, or they are left permanently disabled.

Our attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of catastrophic injury cases, and we work closely with life care planners, accountants, medical specialists, and other experts to ensure that we seek appropriate compensation on our clients’ behalf.

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We handle truck accident injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency basis. Our truck accident attorneys in Memphis do not charge any legal fees unless we get a verdict or settlement for you.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Q:What is a Commercial Truck?

    A:A commercial truck is a big vehicle such as the big rig that is used for business or transportation of commercial goods. For example, eighteen-wheeler trailers, trucks, tankers, and delivery vehicles among others. Some businesses use pickup trucks to transport goods, but commercial trucks are larger, and serve specific purposes, for instance, transportation of cement.

  • Q:Are Truck Accidents Common?

    A:The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that commercial trucks account for more than 10% of all total crashes and 4% of all reported property and injury related accidents. Although this may seem like a small number, you should consider that in the year 2015 alone; over 4,000 people were killed in commercial truck accidents while over 100,000 people got injured. This amounts to 30 commercial truck accidents for every 100,000 cars.

  • Q:How Are Truck Accidents Different From Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

    A:Truck accidents differ from passenger vehicle accidents due to the size of the trucks, and in most truck accident cases, the defendants are well funded. Another major difference involves the interstate trucking commerce, and the nature of the state, federal, and local overlapping regulations. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) controls interstate commercial trucking and creates the rules for drivers, vehicles, and manufacturers. The FMCSA requires that all commercial truck drivers have valid state driving licenses and be certified to drive LCVs (Longer Combination Vehicles).

  • Q:Should I Submit a Claim with The Trucking Company‚Äôs Insurance?

    A:Never attempt to speak to an insurance agent to make a claim without a truck accident attorney by your side. This is because any insurance company will want to settle the case quickly and try to get you to accept a completely inadequate amount. In most cases, insurance companies will only agree to give you a fair compensation if you have a skilled attorney. When you have a personal injury attorney with you, you can be sure that you will get a larger compensation than what the insurance adjuster would have offered if you were on your own. Attorneys conduct a deep investigation into the cause of the accident and assess the accident scene and the hard injuries you might have sustained after the accident.

Our Verdicts & Settlements

We Fight for Every Dollar You Are Entitled To
  • Motorcycle Accident $1.3 Million
  • Vehicle Rollover $865 Thousand
  • Construction Trailer Accident $1 Million
  • Disposal Truck Accident $979.8 Thousand
  • Fatal Car Accident $1.6 Million
  • Pick-Up Truck Accident $105 Thousand
  • Pick-Up Truck Accident $1 Million
  • Running a Red Light $250 Thousand
  • Running a Stop Sign $700 Thousand
  • Running a Stop Sign $750 Thousand