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Left Turn Results in Tennessee Fatal Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle passenger was killed in a fatal motor vehicle accident in Eastern Tennessee when the bike’s driver attempted to pass two cars on the left, unaware that one car was planning to make a left turn into a driveway. The 18-year-old motorcycle accident victim was taken to a nearby medical center but did not survive his injuries.

The 43-year-old driver of the motorcycle was also injured in the crash. The driver of the car was not.

Motorcycle accidents result in injury to over 50,000 people each year. Some reports estimate that almost 80 percent of motorcycle accidents will result in the death of at least one person. An analysis conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) noted that deadly motorcycle accidents are on the rise, increasing by nearly 10 percent between 2003 and 2007.

Only about 20 percent of motor vehicle accidents are fatal.

Some consider the act of simply riding a motorcycle ‘inherently dangerous.’ Unlike in cars or trucks, motorcycles have no metal, glass, airbag or other safety features between you and the road if you’re involved in a motorcycle crash.

There are several common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • An unseen motorcyclist
  • An inexperienced rider
  • Poor road conditions
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Motorcycle riders and those whom you allow riding as a passenger on your bike can take additional steps to prevent serious injury in the event of a crash. Helmets and padded clothing/protective gear can help minimize the severity of injuries caused by a motorcycle accident.