Tennessee nursing home fined $240,000 for numerous violations

Families often have to make some difficult decisions when it comes to the care of our elderly loved ones. Often, it can be impossible for family members to provide the level of care needed on their own, so they must weigh the options of whether a nursing home facility is the best solution. We hope and expect that our loved ones will be treated with care and dignity, but the reality is that some facilities fall very short of these expectations.

In the past year alone, one Tennessee nursing home was fined for several violations that were identified during two separate inspections of the facility. While the nursing home now says they have corrected or are working to correct the deficiencies that were cited, several patients had to endure negligence and abuse prior to the recent corrective actions.

The first inspection took place in May when the center racked up over $230,000 in fines for various violations. For example, the center reportedly hired workers who were abusive and negligent towards patients. Many of the residents claimed they had been berated and yelled at on numerous occasions. Other patients were not properly monitored or treated medically.

Additionally, the facility had insufficient procedures in place when it came to reporting a patient’s deteriorating medical condition to the appropriate physician. In the second inspection of the year, it was reported that patients’ privacy rights were jeopardized by staff members.

Reports indicate that Tennessee imposes more fines on nursing homes than almost every other state. However, fines may be a solution that is too little too late for some patients. This is why it can be crucial for family members to speak with an attorney if they feel their loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing care facility. Holding these parties directly accountable for their carelessness and negligence may be just one way of preventing these horrific conditions and actions from continuing.