Child seat recalled after infant deaths and injuries reported

Parents across Tennessee will often go to great lengths to protect their children. They want to be sure that their kids are safe and healthy and they generally expect that the makers of children’s products will have similar goals. This can be especially true when it comes to products that are intended to be used for infants.

However, too many dangerous or defective products intended for infants continue to be put into the marketplace. In many cases, the hazards of these products are not addressed until after multiple tragedies have occurred. Recently, for example, two infant recliners were finally recalled after multiple babies were injured or killed because of the product.

Two infant seats, called Nap Nanny and Chill, were found to be dangerous after five babies died and 92 babies were injured. According to reports, the products were never tested in order to determine if they met safety standards. Therefore, the problem with the chairs was not identified before the product was released into the marketplace. The maker of the chairs claimed that when used properly, the products were completely safe. However, the families of the infants who were hurt or killed in these chairs would likely disagree.

There are about 165,000 chairs that were purchased before the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the recall. Parents are being instructed to stop using the chairs immediately. Retailers who sold the chairs have offered refunds for customers, but because the maker of the chair has gone out of business, there is no way to fix the defect.

Companies generally issue a recall or refund for these dangerous products, but these solutions may not be enough to help the people who have already suffered the consequences of using a faulty product. Victims of a defective or dangerous product have the right to take legal action against the manufacturers in order to hold them accountable for the damages caused by an unsafe product.