Dangerous active ingredient found in recalled dietary supplement

Many of us have to take medication for a variety of reasons. We visit a doctor who may prescribe a medication to remedy or alleviate symptoms and expect that we will feel better once we take the medication. This is ideally and often the case, but when something goes wrong during any step of this general process, the results can be devastating. If, for instance, a person ends up taking a dangerous or defective drug, his or her health can suffer greatly.

Drugs that are not manufactured or labeled properly can do some serious damage when they are taken by an unsuspecting person. We rely on huge drug companies to accurately manufacture their products and include proper warnings on the drugs, but sadly, mistakes are made all the time and people across Tennessee can get sick or die from a drug that is defective or unsafe.

Recently, it was discovered that a supplement manufactured by a company called BeaMonstar Products contained an undeclared ingredient that put consumers in serious danger. According to reports, several dietary supplements released by the company contain an active ingredient that interacts poorly and dangerously with nitroglycerin. People with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol often take medications that contain nitroglycerin which means that they would experience dangerous and unexpected side effects if they also took the defective dietary supplements.

The undeclared ingredient is called tadalafil. It is generally used to treat erectile dysfunction and can interact poorly with nitrates. Because the supplements do not include tadalafil on the list of active ingredients, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of the dangerous products.

Luckily the FDA caught this defect before anyone was seriously hurt. However, many unsafe products are released to consumers before they can be adequately tested and investigated for safety. This means that many people are at serious risk of getting sick or dying from a bad drug. Companies who put dangerous or defective drugs on the market should be held accountable for the damage that is caused by their unsafe product.