Shocking Case of Elderly Man’s Nursing Home Abuse

The decision to find residential care for a loved one is often difficult to make. In many instances, our elder relatives simply require a level of care that cannot be provided within the home. Even when it becomes obvious that a nursing home is the best possible solution, the choice to follow that path is not one that is made lightly. When Tennessee families choose a residential care facility, they do so in the hopes that their family member will receive the highest level of care possible. The following nursing home abuse story may be disturbing to many readers, even though an arrest was made in the case and the individual accused of the abuse has been held accountable for his actions.

A family in the northeastern United States made the decision to relocate their 89-year-old father and grandfather to a nursing home. They choose a facility within their own neighborhood so that it would be easier to visit him and keep an eye on his overall health and well-being. The elderly man was experiencing dementia and was declared legally blind, among other ailments associated with old age.

During visits over a period of several months, family members say that the man spoke about sexual favors. He was using old-fashioned terms, which led them to believe that he was just speaking out during a period of dementia. However, one day an employee of the nursing home walked in to witness another employee sexually assaulting the elderly resident. The employee was in his 70s, and an investigation revealed that he had multiple criminal convictions on his record prior to his employment at the facility.

This nursing home abuse story gives a glimpse into the worst fears that confront families who have a loved one in long-term care. It is also a powerful warning that the concerns raised by an elderly person should always be looked into, even if dementia is present. For families in Tennessee who have suffered elder care abuse, there are avenues of legal recourse available within the civil court system. No one should have to endure abuse such as that outlined here, but a successful lawsuit can ensure that a family has the ability to secure the best possible level of care for their family member in the years to come.