Manufacturer announces recall of defective medical products

A medical products recall was recently initiated by Philips Healthcare regarding a health care device that some Tennessee residents may be using. The global recall involves approximately 600 ventilators, which have been identified asĀ defective medical products. According to the manufacturer, the recall was initiated due to a potential problem with the power board on the Philips Respironics Trilogy Ventilators.

The problem could cause the ventilators, which supply mechanical breaths to incapacitated patients, to suddenly stop functioning. Further, the problem with the device could also inhibit the functionality of the alarm, which is intended to warn healthcare providers of ventilation failure. Due to the significant danger of death and injury associated with these devices, the recall was put into effect.

The devices are intended for use in homes and hospitals. They are also portable and can be used with gurneys and wheelchairs. The company is requesting that everyone stop using the devices immediately and send them back for repair and replacement. Fortunately, at this time, Phillips Healthcare claims that it has not been informed of any death or injury occurring as a result of the problem.

Any Tennessee resident who suspects he or she has been injured by defective medical products can investigate the potential for pursuing a personal injury claim. Restitution received from a successfully navigated personal injury suit may include money for medical expenses incurred as a result of the injury. It could also include money for pain and suffering, attorneys’ fees, litigation costs and other damages associated with injuries caused by the device.