1 dead in Tennessee wrong way motor vehicle accident

The victim of a fatal crash in Tennessee has recently been identified. The victim was killed in a head-on motor vehicle accident that occurred on a recent Wednesday. At this time, police continue to investigate the incident to determine exactly what happened.

A westbound vehicle operated by a 50-year-old woman collided with a large delivery van. The delivery van, which was operated by a 70-year-old man, was traveling the wrong way — driving in an easterly direction in the westbound lanes. The woman was tragically killed as a result of the collision.

The wrong way driver was transported to a medical center, where he was given a blood test. However, at this time, police do not suspect that the man was inebriated by alcohol at the time of the incident. It is not yet known why he was driving in the wrong direction.

Regardless of why the delivery van driver was going in the wrong direction, he will likely be faulted for causing this horrific Tennessee motor vehicle accident, and the tragic death of its victim. Family members, friends, and community members who knew this woman will surely mourn her death and her memory will live on in their hearts. Members of her family may also wish to seek financial reparations for the death of their loved one via a wrongful death lawsuit. They may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, money for lost income for the benefit of the victim’s children and other forms of financial relief recognized by our laws.