2 charged after fleeing fatal Memphis motor vehicle accident

There are numerous reasons why cars may need to pull off the roadway and onto the shoulder. Unfortunately, doing this can sometimes be risky, particularly if there is other traffic moving through the area. A 69-year-old man was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident after stopping his car on the side of Interstate 55. The car that caused the accident fled from Memphis over the state line before it was stopped by police. The two individuals in the car have been arrested following the tragedy.

The incident occurred during the early hours of a Saturday morning in late December. That is when the victim reportedly dropped his cell phone out of the window of his car. He pulled into an emergency lane to retrieve it. It was at this time that he was struck by an oncoming car.

The man died from his injuries at the scene. The car that hit him continued on, but witnesses followed the vehicle until authorities in nearby Southaven were able to take the occupants of the car into custody. Two men were arrested and face charges for leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death.

The men will be returned to Memphis to face the criminal charges for the motor vehicle accident; however, it is possible they may face the victim’s loved ones in civil court. Family members may decide to pursue a wrongful death claim against the two men in an attempt to recover compensation for funeral expenses and other damages related to the accident. Not only may this help them obtain some closure, but if their case is successful, they may also feel that justice has been served.