Motor vehicle accident claims the life of Tennessee teenager

According to authorities, a Tennessee teenager has lost his life in a tragic head-on auto collision that occurred along Interstate 65. The incident happened on a recent Thursday afternoon in White House, near mile marker 110. Initially, authorities said that that two individuals had died in the motor vehicle accident, but they later corrected that statement because the other person had suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. Nevertheless, six individuals were injured in the accident, and three vehicles were involved.

Tennessee Highway Patrol representatives believe that the incident occurred after a Ford Taurus went out of control while driving northbound along the Interstate. A Westmoreland man who was 18 years of age was driving the motor vehicle. When he lost control of the vehicle, it left the roadway and passed through the center median. It crossed into the southbound lanes of opposing traffic and collided head-on with a sport utility vehicle.

The impact of the crash caused the death of a 17-year-old passenger in the Taurus. Further, the SUV ended up hitting another SUV. Three different helicopters were dispatched by hospitals in order to transport seriously injured victims to hospitals. Three ambulances were also required to take victims to hospitals by ground. Fortunately, reports indicate that all the non-fatal victims were in stable condition and/or had already been released from their respective hospitals.

A Tennessee motor vehicle accident causing serious injuries or worse is devastating for the victims and their families, who struggle to help their injured family member or to come to grieve the death of a loved one. The cost of medical bills and the loss of family income due to a disabled income provider could be more than most families can bear. In the case of families who lose a relative in a fatal car crash, the difficulties can be even more burdensome, both financially and emotionally. This is why many victims and families choose to pursue personal injury and/or wrongful death claims, as appropriate. If successfully navigated, these legal claims can help one reach emotional closure and provide vital financial restitution to overcome the many financial hurdles caused by a serious accident.