Tennessee Authorities Investigating Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident

The Tennessee Highway Patrol and local police have spent hours in the ongoing investigation of a three-car accident that occurred along Bear Creek Pike. Apparently, a Columbia man was legally stopped and waiting to make a left turn in his compact car when he was struck from behind by a pickup truck. The motor vehicle accident resulted in the death of the compact car driver.

Authorities say that the victim was trying to make a legal left-hand turn into the parking area of a Dollar General store. The pickup truck, however, hit his car so forcefully that it pushed the vehicle into a ditch. The driver suffered head injuries, and although emergency responders attempted to administer CPR at crash scene, they were unable to save him.

The name of the compact car driver has yet to be released by authorities, as they were waiting to notify his family of his death. Police did reveal that they ticketed one driver for failing to exercise proper care in the incident. Three vehicles were involved in the crash, although no other injuries or deaths were reported.

The investigation into this tragedy is ongoing. Nevertheless, it appears that police have cited at least one driver with failing to use proper care while driving an automobile. Evidence like this, especially if it holds up in court, could be used to the advantage of family members pursuing a wrongful death claim against the driver who is deemed responsible in this Tennessee motor vehicle accident. By successfully navigating a wrongful death claim, family members may be able to obtain some level of restitution for the loss of their loved one.