Ultimate Herbal Slimcaps declared unsafe products, recalled

With the multitude of weight loss supplements available in Tennessee stores, it is often difficult to choose one that would not only be effective but also safe to use. It becomes even a bigger problem when manufacturers add undeclared controlled substances that can be life-threatening to some consumers of such unsafe products. The Food and Drug Administration recently released information about the recall of one such product.

A voluntary recall was announced by Fit Firm and Fabulous of its Ultimate Herbal Slimcap capsules. This followed an analysis by the FDA that determined that the product contains Sibutramine. Although Sibutramine was an approved substance before, it was later found to be unsafe. In 2010, it was removed from the market.

Due to the inclusion of this substance in the recalled dietary supplement, consumers who suffer from congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, stroke or arrhythmias will be at significant risk if the product is consumed. The FDA says it can cause a substantial increase in the pulse rate and/or blood pressure of some consumers. Furthermore, the lives of patients who are taking other medications may be threatened if they interact with the Sibutramine in the slimming capsules.

Tennessee consumers who have suffered the consequences of consuming unsafe products may have viable product liability claims. Holding large companies or manufacturers accountable may seem a hopeless task, but professional help is available. An experienced product liability attorney can investigate the allegations and provide support throughout the legal proceedings to pursue financial relief for losses sustained.