Memphis local Dominique Hall chosen as recipient of The Montesi Scholarship

Dominique Hall chosen as recipient of The Montesi Scholarship

Dominique Hall, a Memphis local, has been chosen as the recipient of this year’s Montesi Scholarship, valued at $2,500, for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Hall, a Germantown High School graduate, will attend The University of Alabama at Birmingham this fall.

A varsity volleyball player, National Honor Society member, and Honors Diploma candidate, Hall was involved in yearbook, NAACP, SGA, KC4K, FCA, JCL and volunteered extensively in her community throughout high school.

Dominique Hall holding The Montesi Scholarship

“I was humbled and excited to learn that I was chosen to receive the Montesi Scholarship, “ Hall said. “It will certainly help offset some of the tuition and other school expenses. And I’m thrilled that GKBM offered this scholarship. It feels good knowing that Mr. Montesi wants to help grow the Memphis community by offering scholarships.”

Dominique Hall holdingThe Montesi Scholarship with staff

Created by partner Michael Montesi, the Montesi Scholarship is aimed at helping Tennessee undergraduate students finance their education.

“I created this scholarship because I want to help make a difference in my community,” said Michael Montesi. “Dominique Hall has an exemplary service record in the Memphis community and that’s part of why we selected her for this scholarship. We wish her all the best in her education and hope our scholarships help ease some of the financial burdens of higher education.”

Dominique Hall holding The Montesi Scholarship with Michael Montesi

Hall’s winning essay is below:

As I walked into the kitchen from practice, my stomach growled consistently and it seemed like the noise echoed through the house. I noticed my older cousin, Annie, sitting in the dining room, devouring a plate of wings. “Hey Boogie. How was practice?” she asked. As we kept conversing, my mother walked into the kitchen and said that she had to tell me something extremely important. Immediately, my mind starts to wander and think about what she could possibly want to speak to me about. I looked at my cousin but her whole demeanor had changed. She began to sob, so I knew something terrible had happened.

My mother tells me that my Aunt Tene had passed away in a car accident earlier in the day due to two teenagers texting and driving. It seemed like the whole world had fallen apart. My plate of food slips out of my hand, crashing onto the kitchen floor. I could feel my body slowly sinking to the ground as tears roll down my face. I felt empty, like my heart had shattered into a million pieces. I had never felt like that before and I didn’t know what to do, expect for bawl in my mother’s arms. So many questions ran through my head, but I couldn’t fix my mouth to say anything. I was baffled. Why did they have to take my aunt away from my family and I?

On June 5 th , around 9 o’ clock p.m., I received the worst news of my life. It was unbearable. I had just gotten home from club volleyball practice. When my mother told me the news of my aunt passing, I didn’t know how or what to feel anymore. My aunt meant the world to me. I can hear her voice now, “Oh my, look at my beautiful baby. You’ve gotten so tall and grown on me now”. I couldn’t imagine not hearing that voice ever again. It all just felt so unreal; like it was a nightmare that I wanted to wake up from now. The death of my aunt changed my life forever. It is my motivation, and allowed me to grow closer to God and have faith in him. I learned that you should never take anything for granted in life. It made me realize that anything could be taken away from you in a blink of an eye. The loss of my aunt taught me that I needed to cherish my loved ones and that there’s nothing like family.

Texting and driving has a devastating impact on my life. My experience with this makes me more cautious while driving and detours me from wanting to text and drive. Texting and driving can ruin someone’s life and family. I recommend that everyone driving be cautious of their lives and others.