Motorcycle rider going through a puddle making a large splash

Top Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road

Motorcycle Road Dangers

Heading out for a motorcycle ride is always a fun way to spend the day — until an unforeseen hazard blindsides you. Since motorcyclists have virtually no protection other than a helmet, it’s critical to know the everyday dangers lurking around the corner that are common causes of motorcycle accidents. In addition to other careless motorists on the road, here’s what every rider needs to watch out for.


With only two wheels, running over a pothole can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike and get into a serious crash. It’s especially important to be careful when going through puddles of water since a pothole could be hidden underneath.

Slick Pavement

In addition to visibility problems, when inclement weather sets in unexpectedly while out for a ride, slick road conditions can cause a rider to skid and lose control. Oil and other substances on the road can also make for slippery conditions. Take it slow and ride defensively at all times. Whenever possible, avoid riding in inclement weather.

Road Debris

Road debris such as sticks, gravel, and foliage to random obstacles such as car parts, can be a big problem for bike riders. When trying to avoid an object, not only can a motorcyclist lose control of their bike, they can also be forced to veer into another lane and collide with another motorist.

Animal Crossings

Bike riders can be seriously injured should an animal get in the path of a bike rider coming down the road. Moving at a fast speed and hitting an animal can cause a rider to go down with a severe injury. When riding on an open road, be aware that both wildlife and domestic animals could suddenly get in the way.

Missing or Hidden Traffic Signs or Signals

Traffic signals and signs are in place to keep the flow of traffic safe. Roads that lack proper directions for all motorcycles and vehicles sharing the road can be a recipe for a severe accident. For example, a missing stop sign at an intersection could force a motorist to plow through and hit a rider, or vice versa.

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