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Truck Drivers and Drowsy Driving

Truck drivers hold an important position in our country. These drivers must also take extra precaution to ensure the safety of others on the road. The weight and speed of these trucks put you and all others in danger when the driver is negligent.

Certain regulations are in place to keep truck drivers from causing harm, but not all drivers follow them. One of the most important regulations is the Hours of Service, which dictates how long a truck driver can work and drive. This regulation is in place to prevent drowsy driving, a common problem in the trucking industry.

What the Hours of Service Regulation Says

The Hours of Service regulation limits the total number of hours a truck driver can work, as well as the number of hours he or she can drive his or her truck. Depending on the type of truck the driver operates (property vs. passenger), time limits for total work hours range from 14 to 15 hours.

The same limits dictate that truck drivers may only operate his or her truck for 10 or 11 hours depending on whether the driver is transporting people or goods. The driver may work a 15-hour shift but spend no more than 10 of those hours driving.

This regulation is in place to prevent drowsy driving from occurring. Unfortunately, when truck drivers push themselves to meet deadlines or trucking companies encourage a violation of these rules, drowsy driving becomes a real possibility.

If a drowsy truck driver causes a crash, and you sustain severe injuries, it’s vital to recognize who you can hold accountable. The truck driver is responsible for his or her actions, but if the trucking company encourages a violation of the Hours of Service regulation, they are liable as well.

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