5 Dangerous Driving Situations and How to Avoid Them

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In their daily work, the attorneys at GKBM frequently witness the results of roadway accidents. As a public service, the law firm strives to promote safer driving. If you encounter any of these five dangerous driving situations, please endeavor to avoid a mishap:

Flooded Roadways

Many experts recommend that drivers should refrain from entering any submerged stretch of road. Pulling over a safe distance off the road while still on dry land and summoning assistance remains a safer course of action than attempting to cross through a flooded section of road. For one thing, flood waters may prevent a driver from observing damaged or missing sections of asphalt. Additionally, floodwaters may suddenly rise, and sweep a vehicle and its occupants into surging currents.

An Impaired Driver

People attending events often select a “designated driver” who promises to refrain from consuming any alcohol during an evening of social activities. However, if your driver does become impaired, don’t let that person operate the motor vehicle. Many studies establish that reaction time dulls significantly with the consumption of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances. An impaired driver behind the wheel not only breaks the law, but that person could cause accidents. Calling a taxi or a ridesharing service remains a much better way to transport everyone home.


If you cannot drive safely during severe blizzard emergencies, the best course of action usually involves pulling off the road and waiting in a comfortable location until the storm subsides. Fortunately, today many drivers enjoy the ability to obtain accurate weather updates. In rare (but exceedingly dangerous) “white out” conditions, when snow falls so heavily that no one can see more than a few inches ahead, drivers easily become disoriented and run off the road. Even walking away from a vehicle in this situation proves dangerous sometimes, so you should remain in the auto until you can at least see the landmarks in your surroundings.

Hydroplaning Conditions

If your car begins hydroplaning on an icy or wet patch of road, the temptation exists to hit the brakes hard. Don’t take this action! Your vehicle might spin out of control. Instead, ease your foot off the gas pedal and keep the wheel straight. If a skid begins, endeavor to turn slightly into the skid. This maneuver may enable you to retain control of a sliding automobile and avoid problems in this difficult and potentially dangerous driving situation.

Wandering Livestock

Loose horses, cows and other livestock sometimes pose a significant roadway hazard, especially in rural areas. Never underestimate the power of a frightened 1,000 pound animal to cause devastating traffic accidents. Fatalities occur every year because livestock collide with automobiles. If you do see an unfenced unattended horse or cow grazing beside the road, slow down and drive with extreme caution to avoid startling the animal. As soon as possible, promptly notify the local 911 dispatch. By calling for emergency assistance, you’ll ensure that animal control or local farmers will coral wandering stock safely and prevent accidents from occurring. Sometimes drivers in this situation mistakenly assume that other people will alert authorities to loose livestock. By taking the initiative to report the location of a wandering horse or cow, you’ll possibly prevent a roadside mishap.


Although accidents caused by dangerous driving conditions occur every day, careful drivers exercise sound judgment on the road. If you do encounter problems, GKBM remains committed to representing clients diligently.

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