Texas motor vehicle accident causes man’s death

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For Tennessee residents, it is always unfortunate to learn about a car wreck in which someone has been injured or killed. Certainly, with fast moving automobiles and unpredictable drivers on the road these kinds of incidents are occasionally expected. However, one man was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident when he crashed into another driver simply while taking a freeway exit.

The accident happened in Memphis at some point in the morning. Officials say that a 34-year-old driver was heading the wrong way down an exit ramp when he slammed straight into another driver exiting the Interstate. The report indicates that an officer successfully rescued the man that was driving the wrong way down the interstate, but the other vehicle erupted into flames before that driver could be rescued.

The driver of the vehicle that exploded had died by the time paramedics managed to arrive at the scene. The man that was rescued has been hospitalized for his injuries and is now being accused of having caused the accident. Authorities have charged the man with reckless driving, vehicular homicide, and DUI.

No information was given regarding the severity of the accused man’s injuries or how long it will take for him to recover while hospitalized. Should Tennessee residents find the man to be guilty of negligence, however, then the families of the driver that was killed may feel justified filing a claim of their own. Though it is doubtful that any winnings could provide emotional solace, a personal injury claim could help the deceased’s loved ones pay for any potential funeral costs or similar expenses that resulted from the unfortunately fatal motor vehicle accident.

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