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Top-Notch Blytheville Bicycle Accident Attorneys

In the past two decades, bicycle riding for pleasure and for commuting have grown tremendously in the U.S. and in cities across the globe.


In 2015, over 800 deaths occurred in bicycle accidents in the U.S. and approximately 45,000 people were injured. The numbers are not always accurate because not all bike accidents are reported, but this is a 12 percent increase from 2014. Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities on the roads as motor vehicles, but, too often, motorists don’t follow safety measures to avoid accidents.


If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident, the experienced attorneys at GKBM can help you.

Cycling is Increasing in Blytheville


Blytheville is the largest city in Mississippi County, and even though the total population has been declining in recent years, the number of cyclists has been increasing. The 2010 Census recorded the population at 15,620 while the 2014 population was recorded at 14,884. Since the number of cyclists have been increasing, unfortunately, so have the number of bicycle crashes.

What to do If you’ve Been in a Bicycle Accident in Blytheville


If you are in a bicycle crash and suffered injuries due to the negligence of the driver of another vehicle or cyclist, you have the same rights as if you were in a car crash.


Because bicycle accidents can become complicated and severe by nature, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney because they know the laws that apply to cycling circumstances. Cyclists do not have the protection of being surrounded by the metal structure of a car, so injuries are often much more severe.


Negligence on the roads is unacceptable, and with more cyclists on the road in Blytheville, motorists need to be more aware of their presence. Drivers become distracted with children, music, food and cells phones. When that distraction leads to an accident, the attorneys at GKBM are committed to getting compensation for the victims.


How to Contact a Blytheville Bicycle Accident Attorney


If you or someone in your family has been involved in an accident while cycling, call GKBM today for a free consultation to explain what happened and learn about your rights.