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The City of Holly Springs is the seat of Marshall County in the State of Mississippi. Two notable city landmarks are the Montrose historic antebellum plantation mansion and, a few blocks away, the campus of historically black Rust College founded in 1866. Two major thoroughfares, United States Highway 178 and Mississippi Highway 7, converge in Holly Springs. As a county seat and trade center, the city has plenty of vehicular traffic and, tragically, its share of traffic accidents.

What cases do we handle?

At GKBM, we are equipped to handle a variety of cases, but we specialize in personal injury, car or semi-truck accidents and medical malpractice. To see our full list of case types, click here.  

Accidents are facts of life that may happen at any time, so knowledge about personal injury legal claims is always of use. The more you know now, the better prepared you’ll be when you or a loved one is affected by personal injury. Fortunately, knowledge of a few basic personal injury law guidelines can help claimants avoid some common, costly, unnecessary mistakes:

What you need to know

We know that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. And we want you to be prepared. Below are a few tips that can help you if you ever become involved in an accident or personal injury case.

  1. Get immediate medical attention: First, obtain professional medical treatment for all evident injuries and testing for others that may become evident later. It is unnecessary and unwise to make formal personal injury claims without full knowledge of the nature, extent, and prognosis of all injuries. Claimants should know that unnecessary delay in getting medical treatment can vitiate claims for compensatory damages. An opposing party may contend that the claimant acted later on afterthoughts to fabricate injuries actually nonexistent or much less serious than alleged, or they would have had them treated much sooner.
  2. At accident scenes make no unnecessary statements: When speaking to anyone at the scene of a personal injury be mindful that men of few words make few self-defeating misstatements. Silence is truly golden at such times. Parties have no duty to socialize, venture opinions, or to state anything other than their names and how to contact them and their insurers. Anything else might be twisted to cause confusion and raise doubt about a claim.
  3. Find out about filing deadlines: Statutes of limitations require filing of formal legal claims within certain time periods on penalty of forfeiture. After complaint filings, claimants must meet deadlines for other filings or risk penalties, even dismissals of their cases, for failure to be as punctual as court rules require. If the period specified by the statute of limitation lapses without a complaint filed or if the court dismisses it for claimant failure to follow court rules, the personal injury claim expires along with any chance for claimant compensation.
  4. Trust no insurance adjuster: Insurers for defendants are not ethically above misleading claimants into trusting them when they say they want to be fair and helpful in resolving cases, but they want to resolve them in favor of the parties who employ them, not the claimants. For their protection in transactions with defendant insurers, claimants should have attorneys to help them with advice and advocacy. Most if not all personal injury attorneys will work for claimants for contingency fees of no money retainers up front and no fees ever unless and until their clients achieve fair settlements or awards of damages from the courts.
  5. Agree to no pro se settlements: Settlement ends a case forever with nothing further even if clearly necessary for justice. An unrepresented pro se claimant who realizes after a settlement that the defendant’s insurer has paid much less than full and fair damages has no remedy. Settlement can be a complex process, and insurance adjusters can construct additional, unnecessary complexities to cause confusion and incomprehension. Claimants uncertain of how to proceed should consult experienced Holly Springs personal injury attorneys. Help from a personal injury lawyer makes perfect financial sense as the client pays nothing unless attorney is successful.

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Accidents are ordinary, common occurrences but may leave grievous, lifelong consequences. Accidents inflict pain and suffering from injuries but also require interactions with insurance adjusters with which injured claimants may not have the time or energy necessary to contend.

At Gatti Keltner Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC caring and compassionate personal injury attorneys have and do what it takes to recover full and fair compensation for injured clients. We are dedicated to helping clients through difficult times by negotiation, mediation, litigation, and all other lawful means necessary. Call 901-526-2126 today to schedule a free case consultation with a Holly Springs personal injury attorney.