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Each year, thousands of personal injuries happen in or around Tupelo, Mississippi. Tupelo residents who sustain any type of personal injuries not only need, but also deserve, trained legal assistance to help them gain fair recovery for every loss incurred from third-party negligence. This is where the injury lawyers at Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, PLC step in to represent victims injured by someone else’s negligent conduct.

Personal injury claims may arise from bodily harm, injury, or illnesses suffered as a result of hazardous workplace conditions. They may also be caused by accidents or dangers that existed while visiting someone else’s home or business premises.

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Common scenarios include medical malpractice due to physician incompetence or erroneous prescriptions, patient abuse at nursing home facilities or hospitals, construction site accidents, car accidents, and many other similar instances. In all such cases, the experienced personal injury attorneys at GKBM in Tupelo MS can help victims win the best possible settlement, or court verdict, to restore wholeness for claimants and their loved ones.

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Besides legal expertise, each client receives professional care with a personalized touch to represent their unique case-specific facts and circumstances. This approach begins when you first visit our office for a consultation with a full case evaluation by an experienced Tupelo personal injury law firm practitioner.

What Distinguishes GKBM from Other Tupelo Personal Injury Law Firms

Concentrated Focus

GKBM devotes full-time attention to personal injury matters. We provide our clients a huge advantage because of our familiarity with related medical problems and law practice fields. These familiarities include but are not limited to workers compensation or disability claims, slip-and-fall injuries, malpractice suits and traffic accidents involving pedestrians or motorcyclists.

 Such extensive, practical experience lends immense value allowing us to go to extraordinary lengths to ensure each of our clients receives full justice. Common examples include understanding how to obtain vital evidence or documents to support damage claims as well as understanding whether to push negotiated settlement or proceed with full trial. In the latter case, our personal injury lawyers are well trained in persuading judges and juries with compelling presentations on behalf of our clients.

Extensive Resources and Experience

Since we were founded in 1970, our personal injury law firm has expanded to include nearly one dozen attorneys with 150 years’ of combined personal injury experience. To help our attorneys stay on top of each individual case we also employ two dozen supportive staff members. Besides that, our well established network of professional contacts enables access to private investigators, expert witnesses in various related disciplines and the most recent legal research sources. These supplemental assets extend throughout the tristate area of AK, TN and MS where our lawyers are licensed and have successfully represented many clients. 

Exemplary Teamwork

Since GKBM lawyers work together to protect all clients’ interests during every stage of legal proceedings, the entire process is faster and easier. When we start working on your case, we assign at least one trial lawyer and multiple support staff members to each new case. Assigning the proper staff to each case gives our clients ready access to legal advice or general assistance if questions or concerns arise at any point until their file is closed. 

Exceptional Service and Convenience

Our primary mission is to ensure a final victory for clients and their families. We make extra efforts to eliminate barriers that impede clients’ ability to succeed. It only takes one call to get the ball rolling in your favor. We offer a free initial consultation at any time, in any location that fits your needs including your work, hospital or private residence. We can also assist you in obtaining competent medical care that requires no insurance or upfront payment. We even provide 24/7, 365 days a year, direct lawyer contact if your personal case is very severe. 

If you or anyone you know has suffered physical harm, emotional pain or financial loss inflicted by another party’s careless or reckless misconduct, prompt action is vital in protecting all innocent victims’ legal right to obtain full recovery from guilty perpetrators. At Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi, we believe in helping clients fight for their rights by standing at their side during their entire personal injury damage claims process. Our support and guidance helps those who have a suffered major setback begin the process of healing and moving ahead towards new beginnings instead of being further traumatized.

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Insurance adjusters work for their employers, not damage claimants with directly conflicting interests. The same is true of defense lawyers whose professional duty is to protect their clients from liability for acts that caused others damage. These harsh realities are precisely why harmed parties need legal advocates whose sole loyalty lies within their cause. Given a free initial consultation and knowing we do not charge a fee unless we win, you have nothing to lose but do have much to gain by calling Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu & Montesi today at (901) 526-2126 or toll-free at (888) 526-2126.

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