3 injured in fire truck accident in Memphis, Tennessee

Most people have a great amount of respect for firefighters since they regularly risk their lives in order to keep the public safe. However, even Tennessee firefighters make mistakes while on the job, which sometimes ends up causing injury to those they intend to protect. This is what may have happened recently in Memphis, where firefighters were involved in a truck accident that left one woman with critical injuries.

The incident happened in early August when the fire station received a call regarding a man who had been experiencing chest pains. Four firefighters left the fire station in their fire truck. However, only seven minutes after they departed the fire truck crashed into a white Ford Taurus at a nearby intersection. One 29-year-old woman and her son, who was only one year of age, were critically injured.

The collision caused the child to be thrown from the vehicle, while the woman ended up trapped inside the car. The firefighters immediately responded and were able to extract the mother from the wreckage. They also stabilized the child who was rushed immediately to a local medical care facility along with his mother. One firefighter was also injured in the fire truck accident.

The Memphis Fire Department’s Battalion Chief expressed his concern over the well-being of the two injured passenger car occupants. However, his concern — although it may be well-meaning — cannot reverse the damage caused by this truck accident in Tennessee. On the other hand, the two victims may be able to obtain some monetary reimbursement in order to help pay for the medical bills resulting from the crash.