Tennessee truck accident results in fatality

People who drive on any of the busy roads across Tennessee have no doubt shared the road with a huge tractor trailer. These commercial vehicles travel day and night, transporting heavy and sometimes dangerous cargo. While many of us are familiar with sharing the road with these large trucks, many people may not be aware of just how big of a threat they can actually pose.

In the event of a truck accident, the aftermath can be devastating. Property can be demolished and people can be catastrophically injured or killed. It is for these reasons that there are strict laws in place that govern how a commercial vehicle should be maintained and operated. If a trucking company or trucker violates these laws, the results can be horrific.

Recently, an accident in Tennessee left one family grieving the loss of a man who was killed by a truck. According to reports, a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer had stopped one tractor-trailer to conduct a roadside inspection when he noticed an RV had stalled nearby. The officer helped to push the RV onto the shoulder and went back to the inspection.

All that activity on the side of the road was likely hard to miss. However, a second truck approached the vehicles and the trucker had to slam on his brakes. His truck skidded sideways down the road and smashed into the RV. The 65-year-old driver of the RV was killed in the accident and his passenger was injured.

The crash is under investigation currently, which is an important step in determining liability and negligence in a crash. During an investigation, it can be crucial for victims and their families to work with an attorney who can make sure all evidence is identified and secured and any witnesses are interviewed appropriately.

If this accident, or others like it, was caused by negligence on the part of the trucker or the trucking company, the man’s family can choose to pursue compensation for their devastating and unexpected loss. And while money can never replace a loved one who has been killed, it can help family members recover damages related to the pain and suffering of a fatal accident.