Unsafe products: Pressure cookers pose risk of electric shocks

Manufacturers of consumer products are required to produce and market products that will not pose safety hazards to consumers. Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission monitors consumer products, recalls commonly only occur once consumers have suffered injuries caused by defective or unsafe products. Such injuries sometimes lead to product liability claims being filed by injured consumers.

Tennessee consumers may want to take note of a recent recall. The manufacturer of Instant Pot pressure cookers recently recalled some of its products after receiving reports of three instances in which consumers were injured while using the pots. The manufacturer said that electricity can be conducted throughout the pot from a thermal probe in the base of the pressure cooker. This can cause an electric shock to anybody who touches the cooker.

The pressure cookers were manufactured from December 2014 through June 2015 and were available online from the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.com. The recall covers all electric pressure cookers labeled Instant Pot and Smart with serial numbers 1410 through 1503. Consumers were asked not to continue using the cookers. The company will replace the base and control panel of any returned pressure cooker.

Consumers in Tennessee who have suffered injuries that were caused by defective or unsafe products may be entitled to pursue compensation for any medical expenses or other losses brought about by the incidents. A consultation with an experienced product liability attorney may be beneficial. Navigating such a claim in a civil court may be tricky, and competent legal counsel can provide support and guidance throughout the proceedings.