Motor vehicle accident kills mom, dad and 11-day-old baby

A Tennessee man was arrested and is being held in county jail on charges related to a recent auto accident. He is on a bond of $1 million and awaiting arraignment. The 37-year-old driver is accused of causing the deaths of three people in a motor vehicle accident in Houston County.

The accident report of the Tennessee Highway Patrol indicates that the man was driving a pickup truck southbound on Highway 13 in the vicinity of Erin. For reasons not yet determined, he reportedly crossed over into the lane of oncoming traffic. He crashed head-on into a northbound vehicle that was occupied by a young couple and their daughter who was only 11 days old. Sadly, all three were killed on impact.

It was revealed that this was not the first time this man caused fatalities in a cross-over accident. In 2007, he apparently fell asleep while driving in Indiana, and smashed into three cars. His passenger was killed in that crash. Furthermore, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation revealed that he had faced three prior charges related to driving on a revoked or suspended driver’s license. The Houston County accident remains under investigation.

When a whole family is killed in a motor vehicle accident, it is naturally extremely traumatic for the surviving family members. At this difficult time, the end-of-life arrangements and the related expenses could be overwhelming. Financial relief may be pursued, and it is not uncommon for grieving families to utilize the assistance of an experienced wrongful death attorney to navigate the multiple wrongful death claims that may follow such a tragedy. Recovery may be sought for documented financial and non-economical losses sustained, and establishing negligence before a Tennessee civil court may lead to a monetary judgment.