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What to Expect from the TBI Recovery Process

The Long Road to TBI Recovery

Whether you’ve sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a car accident, fall, or another type of accident, it goes without saying that it’s a stressful and devastating event for you and your family. TBIs are serious injuries, and the recovery process can be complex. Here’s what to expect:

The Three Stages of the TBI Recovery Process

The first few weeks of a brain injury could mean swelling, bleeding, and changes in brain chemistry. These changes affect brain health. As the brain starts to heal, it will go through these common three stages:


In the first stage, a person will be unconscious and unable to respond to visual stimulation or sound. They will not be able to show emotional responses or communicate.

Vegetative State

In the second stage, a TBI patient will have sleep-wake cycles. They will be able to start responding to visual stimulation and sounds. They may also make movements that may look like they are startled.

Minimally Conscious State

In the third stage, a TBI patient will be particularly conscious and can do the following:

  • Know where sounds are coming from
  • Respond to visual stimulation
  • Reach for objects
  • Respond to commands
  • Speak (minimally)
  • Show emotion

How Long Does TBI Recovery Last?

The more severe the brain injury, the longer the recovery process. A minor brain injury, such as a concussion, may take 7 to 10 days for recovery, whereas a moderate-to-severe brain injury could take months or years. TBI patients with the most severe brain injuries often face lifelong complications and challenges.

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