Lawsuit alleges woman’s death was caused by infected bed sores

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The decision to admit an elderly member of a family to a nursing home where constant care can be provided is hardly ever taken lightly. When such a decision is ultimately made, Tennessee residents have the right to expect that their loved ones will receive competent medical care and personal attention. Unfortunately, this often is not the case, and residents can develop conditions such as bed sores that can lead to untimely deaths.

As the special administrator of the estate of a deceased woman, a man recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing home in a civil court in another state. The complaint states that the woman was admitted to the nursing home at the beginning of 2015. He contends that she had no broken skin or pressure ulcers at the time of her admission, but it was apparently noted that she was at a high risk of developing such problems. Court papers further indicate that she developed an ulcer that was classified as Stage IV on the large, triangular bone at the base of her spine and her coccyx in the following months.

An associated condition called osteomyelitis developed. This is the inflammation of bone or bone marrow, and after treatment, doctors determined that she developed this condition due to the infected pressure ulcer. It is alleged that osteomyelitis contributed to her death at the end of May 2015. The plaintiff is seeking a trial by jury and more than $50,000 in damages.

The staff of nursing homes in Tennessee must be trained to deal with the limited mobility of patients by turning or moving them at regular intervals to prevent bed sores. Anybody who believes that a loved one is not receiving adequate care at a nursing home, or who has lost a loved one due to nursing home negligence may hold the facility and its staff accountable. The guidance of an attorney who is experienced in pursuing financial relief on behalf of family members of victims of nursing home abuse or neglect can provide the necessary guidance in navigating personal injury of wrongful death claims of this nature.

Source:, “Elderly woman’s death leads to suit against skilled nursing facility“, Robert Hadley, Jan. 21, 2016